How to manifest ​Goals, Desires ​and Dreams

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Learn 5000 Years ancient MAYAN SECRET

Unlock your secret power in 16 days

Be Champion

Secret’s of ​Mayavisai

Magic genie lamp used for creating wishes and manifestations for money
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Buddha light manifests

Secret #01

Secret #02

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The science behind Law of Attraction and what do ​you do to manifest your desires successfully

How do all the successful people use Law of ​Attraction to manifest big success in their life.

Science & art of Law of Attraction , why & how it ​works?

உங்கள் ஆசைகள், இலக்குகள் மற்றும் கனவுகளை ​கண்டிப்பாக அடையலாம் தினமும் 16 நிமிடங்கள் ​மட்டும் பயிற்சி செய்தால்

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Want To Attract ​Abundance Happiness ​In in your life ?

Discover The "MAYAVISAI " within you To Attract

  • 10X Health & Wealth
  • Relationships and Career
  • Start a New Life Free from ​Debt, Disease, Overthinking, ​and Stress!
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MAYAVISAI Masterclass

2-hour online workshop

Spend 16 minutes per day u ​can transform your life & ​create new lifestyle with in ​16 days

28th July, 2024 | 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM IST

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What You Learn Inside The Program

Finding inner peace

You want to gain a deep sense of ​trust in yourself and your life path

How to create own ​affirmations

Self defense, inner strength and motivation concept

How to transform energy with ​gratitude technique?

How to use cancel cancel ​technique?

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How to manifest using Water ​Bottle?

Divine MAYA KRIYA powerful ​mind & body meditation

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For Whom This Program Is


* Feeling lagged and demotivated in your work.

* Doing fine but want to grow big.

* Want better salary hike this year.

* Tired of your boss/ office politics.

* Want personal time for your family and friends.


* Feeling alone and disrespected.

* Want to accomplish something great.

* Want your child to grow in all aspects.

* Want your husband's job/ business to do well.

* Want to help your family to overcome their challenges

Business owner/trader

* Want to 10X your business growth.

* Want to make better decisions for your business.

* Want personal time for your family and friends.

* Worried about business future and don’t know what to do.

* Want to overcome your debt.

Job Aspirant

* Want High paying Job

* Preparing for a government job but not able to make it.

* Facing issues during the interview and want to overcome it.

* Your experience is not allowing you to take one more chance.

* Want to help your family to overcome debt.

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Who's is Sri Anantha Gubera Guruji?

Dr. Star Anand Ram known as Sri Anantha Gubera Guruji ​from Coimbatore, Tamilnadu.

He traveled all the world make positive financial life style ​with Divine Lord Gubera Grace.

He trained more than 5 lak people's and conduct 1000 + ​workshop in different countries. Wrote 30+ books. ​Currently doing 10+ life changing workshop.

He have 1 million flowers in all social media and founder of ​Sri Gubara peedam @ velliyangiri hills, coimbatore.

Straight from our followers

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My life is ZERO to HERO ​because of I believe myself ​now. Guruji only thought me to ​believe myself

Chitra - Malaysia

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I really think you have a ​superpower around because ​your motivation tips really ​worked in few days thanks a lot ​Star Anand ram sir

Punithavalli - US London

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You will reduce your success duration from 5 to 10 years to 1 to 2 years. You will ​transform a life inside out.Just take one thing at a time and practice it fully and it has ​the potential to change your life in a brighter and radiant way.

Thanks Guruji thanks a lot

Yuva Gkpathm MBA ( USA )

Sujatha Yuva Vadivelu USA


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Workshop FAQs

How much time do I ​need to invest every ​day to do it?

16 minutes every day as ​per Guruji gui​delines

When does the ​program Start and ​finish?

Our team will guide u & u will ​add in follow-ups & free ​broadcast list also

After workshop how ​can I meet Guruji

You can call 786 886 8899 ​our team will guide you.

How it’s works

Practice is "the deliberate repetition of a process with the ​intention of reaching a specific goal, "100 % proved system

As our guruji Always says





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Mayavisai Masterclass ​Starting on

JULY 28th , 5 PM to 7 Pm

Join Now

For more Details: 78688 68899