அபரிதமான நேர்மறை ஆற்றலை இருக்கும் பிரமிடு



அபரிதமான நேர்மறை ஆற்றலை இருக்கும் பிரமிடு

Benefits of Pyramids:
* Helps bring abundance into your personal and professional life
* Brings harmony in your relationships.
* Attracts good fortune and financial opportunities
* Strengthens the concentration and health of your children
* Brings harmony between the mind, the body and the soul.
* Protects from all the negative energies
* Pyramids effectively neutralizes geopathic stress

Pyramid plays an essential role in Vastu Shastra. Vastu Shastra is India’s ancient science of architecture which focuses on the construction of a structure in line with Vastu principles, so as to attract maximum positive energies of the Cosmos. Positive energy feeds every living being on earth to lead a purposeful life, while negative energies counteract the purpose. Pyramid harmonizes different energies and makes the place, where it is installed, spiritually warm. Pyramids are energized pieces of mysticism which drives away the negative energies and neutralize the place.

Why the domes of temples are in pyramid shape? Temple architecture is based on pyramidal design. All the rituals in the temples are aimed at reforming the human psyche and transforming individual perception into universal conscience. The Sky element of creation is reshaped in temple architecture through pyramids so as to transform the sound into the mandalas. The echo of this rhythmic elemental sound of mantras and prayers is taken by the Air element to the Sky.

Pujas can lead a devotee to spiritual upliftment and help overcome sufferings, and help bring success, materialistic prosperity, peace and harmony.

Known since ancient times, Pyramid is a powerful symbol that connects with the energy forces. The Egyptians observed the pyramid as a spiritual symbol because it drives the electromagnetic energy around the earth. In philosophical studies, its structure with the four sloping sides releases the cosmic energy, which counteracts negative energy. One of its chief functions is to eliminate or recycle stagnated negative energies. Research studies have shown that pyramid vibrations impact the mental, physical and emotional aspects of individuals. 

Keeping the pyramids in the four corners of a Place, revitalizes the energy flow. It improves the aura of an individual, too.

Pyramid acts like an antenna, attracting geological, organic and cosmic energy particles inside and around a structure. The word pyramid contains the Greek words, pyra (pyramis) meaning the fire and mid meaning the core center.
Pyramids harmonize the mind, body and soul with the cosmos, by just keeping them at appropriate locations: to attain health, happiness and prosperity. Pyramids create a finer balance and harmony by correcting the energy defects, without any physical / structural alteration, or shifting of any items, be at home or workplace.
The negative Energy force at your residence or workplace may drain you, physically or mentally. This may cause exhaustion and tension, disproportionate to our activity and situations. People at times become prone to anger and irritations, leading to indecisions or wrong decisions in life. They would neither enjoy life nor be at peace, despite having all the material comforts of life viz house, kids, money, social reputation etc. By placing a right pyramid at the appropriate direction, the energy of your residence / workplace gets supercharged. As a result, you will have surplus of energies, which can be used to meet the daily demands of life.

The Power of Pyramid Yantra helps you in all phases of life; be it love, business or health. Inside the set there are tools that can be used for Vastu and Feng Shui rectifications, for individual help and for professional use.

Advantages of Pyramid

Wealth & Happiness
The meaning of wealth & prosperity in PyraVastu has far wider inferences. Pyramids can help bring abundance into your life and provide you with the kind of improvement that will bring true bliss.

Marriage & Love
No matter whether you are always ‘unlucky in love’, or having problems charming a companion, Pyramids can help you to improve your love, harmony and conjugal life.

Family & Harmony
You should start your PyraVastu even before you move into a new house as it starts of the land itself. As family is a central part of our lives, proper care must be given.

Money & Prosperity
Here’s your chance to attract good fortune and to draw more money to your shop, office or factory with Pyramid power.

Learning & Children
Can Pyramids help in education? Yes, it can increase the concentration and also health and energy of kids.

Fitness & Pain-relief
To be healthy is not just being disease free! Using Pyramid power in our lives we can enrich our health at all three levels – body, mind and soul.

Career & Office
If you want a change of career or a business because you feel stuck, or overlooked for promotion etc., Pyramids can help you improve your sales, money flow or job prospect.

Good-luck & Wellness
Pyramids can boost your luck and can be used for individual advantage or that of home, shops and workplaces.

Protection & Purification
It is vital to protect your main door from all malevolent energies. Pyramids can be used in vehicles for protection. Cleansing the negative energy in rooms with fire is also needed.
Where to keep Pyramid at your place?
* When kept in the North East corner, a sense of wellbeing is felt by all the members of the family.
* When kept in the South West corner, in the bedroom it ensures sound sleep and you feel fresh and lively in the morning.
* Housewives feeling tired and restless should keep one in the South East corner of the kitchen to become more energetic.
* Use it in children’s study room, for more concentration in their studies and improve academic performance.
* Keep it in your office cabin, in the South West corner, for smooth running of the business.
* If a person in the family is ill, keep a pyramid near his bed, on the South West corner, for a speedy recovery.
* If you feel someone has performed black magic on you, bury four such pyramids in the four corners of the house. If you are living in an apartment or on the upper floors, then keep the pyramids in the four corners of the house.
* Childless couple aspiring for a baby may keep a pyramid, on the North East corner of their Bedroom, on the floor.
* If you are having litigation issues, bury a pyramid on the North West (West) corner of your house. If you live in an apartment, keep a pot filled with sand and bury the pyramid in it and place this pot in the North West (West) corner of your house.
* If there’s discord in marriage, place pyramids in North West and South East corner of the bedroom. The pyramids be buried in the sand filled pots, and placed accordingly.
* If you are finding it difficult to sell your property, bury a pyramid in the North West corner of the house / plot.

அபரிதமான நேர்மறை ஆற்றலை இருக்கும் பிரமிடு
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