Money attraction workshop in Malaysia

Dr. Star Anand Ram

Shree Gubara guruji Dr.Star Anand ram

PANAVALAKALAI money attraction & personal growth one day workshop in Malaysia April 25

Do you wish to have a better relationship with money?

Do you have problem making money, keeping money or growing your money?

Do you have the beliefs, habits and know-how to grow your money?

What is your money trying to tell you?

In today’s era of great spiritual and energy changes, it is a moment for every person to realize its natural right on the abundance of each species, including abundance of money.

At the workshop “PANAVALAKALI ” you will learn the basic principles of how to accept the money and look at it as a positive energy, on something that is in everyone’s life (at this level of development of human society) absolutely necessary.

You will learn how to accept and to love the energy of money.

You will learn what is actually the money and how your attitude toward money affects your material and spiritual well-being.

We invite you to together find a spiritual path to abundance. You will learn how go to from a position “fighting for the money”, where you always lose energy and where we are all on the opposite sides, you get to position “master money game”, where we are all happy and satisfied, and where success is guaranteed for everyone.

Build a responsible and successful host of your life. The workshop covers the following topics:

💰What is money and evolution of money

💰Why you is money important

💰The elimination of the blockade and the opening of the abundance of each species

💰10 principles of money success

💰How to attract money into your life

💰Experience Powerful and Effective Exercises That Will Reshape Your Money Mindset

💰Take Step-By-Step Aligned Action To Reach Your Financial Goals

💰Massively Raise Your Money Energy And Ability To Create A Healthy And Attractive Environment For Money

💰Time – 9am to 4 pm 💰

💰 Afternoon lunch & workbook Spl Sagal Kariya sitti money yentrum & gubara rachai. We will give.

🤙For booking call 🤝 Whts up call +60 10-295 9293 & ‬ + 91 98946 24425